ESP Witness Digital Line Fed CCTV Observation Systems

One 14 ESP Witness digital colour switching monitor. One colour camera (CAMCOL2), which is supplied with a 4mm C-mount lens, 20 metres of cable and mounting bracket. SYSTEM COMPRISES OF: One 17 ESP Witness digital mono switching quad monitor. One mono camera (CAM42K), which is supplied with a 4mm C-mount lens, 20 metres of cable and mounting bracket.

Stealth Big Brother

AEI Security & Communications Ltd has worked within the security industry for nearly 10 years, creating innovative concepts for many business sectors.

Stealth Big Brother is a revolutionary new solution to CCTV surveillance. Instead of using conventional VCR's recording endless footage of CCTV images, you can now automatically detect movement within an image and share in a new generation of low cost, highly effective CCTV image processing for consumer and industry use using a conventional PC.

DRAX Video Multiplexer

Remote Keyboard; Minimum installation, 2 wires (TX and GND); 4 wires normally (7/0.2mm, DEFSTAN 61-12 part 4); Remote control. Unlimited distance with buffers ; Three keyboards can be connected; One keyboard can control 99 DRAX; Function buttons and Multi Quad selection; 10,17 and 34 cameras; Record all cameras; Activity detection; Replays other multiplexed tapes; Incredibly fast; Simple to use and install; Timelapse status display; Control panel lock switch; Small moveable text; Duplex / Simplex

Darlex 20 Digital Video Recorder

New features: up to 20 camera inputs ; networkable ; replay software allows review on a pc ; dual independent multiscreen outputs ; fast image replay & search outputs ; dome/ptz control ; constant disc checking ; menu additions easy playback dvd 1700GB . massive storage for three months or more

Digital Video Recording System

The D.V.R.S, the Very Latest in CCTV technology, incorporating the power and versatility of a P.C. The D.V.R.S uses Digital recording technology, allowing the user unparallel control over the entire recording and viewing process and the ability to remotely View up to 16 cameras from any Windows Pc with a Modem.

CCT 730 16-way DVR

The CCT730 is a digital recording device that can record video images from up to 16 cameras simultaneously without the use of tapes or any other external recording device. Unlike switchers or quad systems it doesn't matter what camera picture you are watching on the monitor screen the CCT730 records all the cameras all the time.

The CCT730 records the video images on to a removable hard drive in a digital format that enables the user to play-back images from any of the cameras at the press of a button.

ADDER DVR Operation Guide

ADDER DVR Digital Video Recording System - Operation Guide